Please Stand Here

The goal of this project was to create a wayfinding system based on an end reward. I developed the system after locating an interesting location campus, then developed a series of coordinating icons and phrases to generate curiosity.

Highway Gothic Expanded

The visual system of this project was inspired by the bright colors and simple iconography of classic wayfinding systems. I illustrated modern icons such as the smartphone and used the classic AIGA arrow. The aesthetic is curious, and with its application of familiar symbols, borderline magical.

The result of #pleasestandhere is a photo showing the participant in every window frame of the Clear Creek building. The result is a moment of reflection, both mental and literal.

The space in which the system leads you is a quiet square next to a church and Chinese Heritage Center. It is a peaceful, unknown, and low traffic area where I hoped to create a playful moment of quiet on a busy campus, using vernacular design and material choices.